Steadman Graham Speaks to Freshmen

Tue, April 04, 2017

Steadman Graham, world-renowned businessman, speaker and author of Teens Can Make It Happen, spoke to freshman classes from Savannah and Brunswick at Leadership Session Three. Graham brought an inspiring and valuable message about the need for teens to know who they are and use what they love to be successful.

He first addressed the audience with a quote by Albert Einstein that drove his entire speech:

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

Graham told the students that to become leaders they have to change their way of thinking so it does not mirror that of a follower. The world is made up of followers because most people have not found their purpose, and without purpose there is nothing that pushes students to pursue what they love and take charge of their lives.

For those who don’t know what their purpose is, Graham proposed a challenge for students to make a list of everything in they love in their lives. Once they have a chance to truly take a look at what means the most to them, they can begin to understand their passion and purpose.

Each student was given a copy of Graham’s book which outlines the nine steps needed to become a leader in today’s society. His main focus was on the first point, finding oneself, but he also emphasized the importance of having a vison to work towards. Short- and long-term visions are necessary for students to stay grounded, and they should never place limitations on their dreams.

Graham was asked after his presentation what he thinks gets in the way of students’ success.

“Students who don’t know themselves have no foundation, so they are unable to lead others,” he said. “Once they discover who they truly are, they can begin to make a change.”

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