Students Explore Post High School Opportunities

Thu, February 02, 2017

Students from Savannah had the opportunity to experience SLP at Hunter Army Airfield during their second leadership lesson of the school year.

The session kicked off with the presentation of colors and a short speech from Lt. Col. Jason West, who stressed the importance of becoming a leader and what that looks like in the military.

Juniors and seniors viewed a Black Hawk and an Apache helicopter and participated in a police dog demonstration during their breakout sessions. They talked with soldiers about opportunities after high school and how the military has a role for everyone.

“The military has a wide variety of opportunities for graduating high school students,” said Ivy Richburg, a Savannah Arts Academy junior. “No matter what you're interested in there's a job for you.”

Freshmen and sophomores participated in breakout sessions with their schools where they learned about the importance of first impressions.

“At my breakout session, I learned how to interact with people in situations where I might be interviewed, such as applying for colleges or jobs,” said Kaleigh Lamont, a Jenkins sophomore.

This leadership session offered students a unique chance to see opportunities available to them after high school that they may had not previously considered.

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